bad reception

13 August 1984
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today, i am a musician and thinker with little to no ambition outside of personal relationships and personal progress(meaning the terms thereof are defined solely by my'self'.)

i hope the world, as we know it, ends in 2012.

that's all i have to say. for old time's sake, here's a song i wrote in 2003 that has always been my bio on LJ.



trying to think is like trying to crawl
on my back cuz my back's to the wall
and i can't fear the fall because i'm on the bottom
looking up waiting for something that won't come
until i stop and move forward, searching and hunting
looking for the something... this has got to pass
with my face in the grass and the sky down below me
now you can know me
reality is perception, i guess mine is skewed
and it's come unglued from the lack of use
i've shown myself and my soul
i need to let go, i need the control
i needed you, you needed to... but it's not the same
it's a game, and it's left me ashamed
that i came down at all, fuck the fall
fuck the wall, fuck it all
make the call, never stall
take it in, breathe it again
steal the pen from the villain who's ready
to write your last day into history
if i believed i'd pray for the mystery
that's surrounding me, confounding me
too blind to see my insecurity
it's killing me, my mind and my body
it's got you too, and i can't say i'm sorry
but i am

it's not my fault, but it is my crime
my time is precious and slipping away
yesterday, come away from the picture
it'll only lead you astray

think back to when it was you
what would you do?

that's what i thought too.


mystery is golden