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"i'm the storm coming..." [Apr. 22nd, 2009|01:42 am]
i was talking to abby the other day about picking favorites musically. i was like, "i can't pick favorite artists, favorite albums, much less favorite songs... there are too many." to me it's generally on one of three levels; 1) EARTH SHATTERING(every time), 2) respectable or even really good or something i like, but not included in group 1, and 3) rubbish...

well, today i had a run in with a song that reminded me it is absolutely easily in my top 10 songs -ever-. it simply has to be. the album it's on would probably make my album list too. it's too good, too thought-provoking, too groundbreaking, and has too much _ME_ in it to be ignored.

so there it is.

storm coming
gnarls barkley

i could paint a picture with a pen
but a song will only scratch the skin
and there are still places i haven't been
because i know what's in there is already in the air

oh yeah, there's a storm on the way
there's a storm on the way...

and it's coming no matter what i say.

hey hey hey...
there's truth in the thunder, love in the lightening
the feeling is frightening, but isn't it exciting?
i'm something like stormy weather
if i weren't then we'd never huddle together
but do i have to tell you that i'm also the sunlight
that shines shortly after? i just rain cuz i have to..
onto other chapters, i wish you lots of laughter
til the next time you see me, just remember you need me

i'm the storm coming...

here i come

run toward the hills to avoid the high flood
i can do a dance that would make the sky cry blood
skills provoking, seals to be broken open
all that's left to do is TRY my love...

and i'm singing the cyclone, i'm writing a raging sea..
searching for a sign of the times...
is it sane to say it's me?

listen to our lives, the wind will whisper the way it is
I'M GOING TO HAPPEN; what a lovely day it is...

don't ask why,
just live and die.