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random... it's late at night... - bad reception [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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random... it's late at night... [Feb. 9th, 2009|03:19 am]
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[Current Mood |contemplative]
[Current Music |radiohead]

it's nice when you see porn with a really hot girl, but think, "i'd rather fuck the girl i'm sleeping with..." this is not an epic porn fail so much as an epic girl win.

or something like that. some girls got it where it counts, is all i'm really trying to say.

but anyway, what else? it's snowing big time outside, i just noticed through the newly covered windows... i wonder if people will be able to get to work in the morning.

i've had a really active year so far, and a particularly interesting past couple weeks. it shows no signs of letting up, as i'm headed to vegas for puscifer shows on thursday. won't be back until monday... if i survive.

it looks like aj and robyn will both be coming out to visit in march. i couldn't possibly be more excited about this. robyn will only be here four days, but aj's probably gonna stay a little over a week. should be dope as fuck, seeing as these are two of my oldest, closest friends and these days we have very little time to spend together.

valentine's day is gonna be pretty dope this year. thanks puscifer, and you.

if you haven't noticed i've started using the word "dope" to refer to "cool and/or badass" far far too much. blame aaron. and eminem.

maynard's wine is good.

...i don't know that i have anything else to say. hope you all enjoyed my 'real' update. wish me luck during these confusing, but utterly pleasurable, times.

enjoy yourself, and watch your head.


in pitch dark, i go walking in your landscape
broken branches trip me as i speak..
just cuz you feel it doesn't mean it's there...

there's always a siren singing you to shipwreck
don't reach out
steer away from these rocks, we'd be a walking disaster
don't reach out

just cuz you feel it doesn't mean it's there...
there's someone on your shoulder..

there there...

why so green and lonely?
heaven sent you to me...

we are accidents waiting
waiting to happen

we are accidents waiting to happen...