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and [Jan. 29th, 2009|12:27 pm]
here are my newest lyrics... i have no idea what to call this song.


i went to see my brother, and asked him what he thought was wrong
why i can't seem to focus, or write a decent song
he said i wish i could help you man, but this time you're on your own
i sat there in my brother's chair wishing i still had a home

i always liked the cloudy days, always thought the rain was fun
i like to sleep all day and finally wake to find out the day is done
but sitting here on this hill knowing i'm the only one
i've found that debts and new regrets make you appreciate the sun

i've ruined everything, i've got nothing left to sell
i've got a long confession, but i don't know who to tell
i killed my family, now i'll probably go to hell
but in a lot of ways, i guess you'd say, things are going pretty well